AC & DC load banks, single / 3 phase used for: Battery, UPS and generator testing
Aerospace load testing Fuel Cell testing  more...


1- Measurements and testers:
 E1, OTDR, TDR, Power meter, batteries, Fusion Machine,.

2- Switching networks: Multiplexer/Demultiplexer, STM1, STM4, ADSL, DSLAM,..

3- Rectifier ,charger & batteries:
AC/DC, DC/DC, inverter.

4- Surge lightning:
AC 3 phases, 1 phase

5- Load bank & rectifier charger
6- Optical products:
ODF, Patch cord, pigtail, enclose.


7- Telecom accessories:
cables, MDF, PCM cables,

8- ICs and transformers
9- Services for networks :
installation and maintenance for telecom networks.